Wedding videography is not just a trend for us, it is our passion. At AJ Films, we believe in capturing the candid moments during the wedding and turning it into a beautiful video which surely will cast a spell of wonderment on to you. The happy couple, lovely décor, impeccable venue, and overwhelmed family and friends are enough of the cast for your blockbuster wedding video. We understand how important weddings are hence, we assure that our camera captures every emotion and expression that is pure and transparent. We take it as a duty to present the wedding videos, the way they are supposed to. We specialise in producing a touch of glamour which enhances the experience of your wedding’s storytelling video. Let it be a wedding cinematography or a wedding music video, we intend to make it a blockbuster film of your life.
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Wedding photography
Since ancient times, the rite of 'Vadhu Pariksha' has been conducted by the elders in the groom's family, where they put the bride through a knowledge exam. This was reciprocated by the bride's family with a counter test, where a groom must successfully search for his name in the intricate mehendi design, which adorns the bride's hands. Our beautiful bride Kinjal is the examiner and intelligent groom Sanjay is the examinee.
Let's watch who wins this 'Pariksha'.
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